Boat and RV Storage Business Plan

Regardless of what content is being stored, the purpose of self-storage is the same–to keep one’s belongings in a safe and easily accessible location. However, a personal self-storage unit is a little different than storing a boat or RV. Customers who are interested in storing a boat or RV will be looking for a storage facility that specializes in this somewhat niche form of storage, which can be financially beneficial for you.

Self-storage facilities specific to boats and RVs can be a safe, sustainable, and a high-margin investment. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new facility or expand your current one, it may be worthwhile to invest in a boat and RV storage business plan!

When considering what to include in your facility’s boat and RV storage business plan, it’s important to start with the essentials. We’ve listed a few foundational components to consider when starting your strategic plan.

Boat and RV Storage Financials

Financials are perhaps the most significant and potentially the most rewarding aspect of your business plan. With higher occupancy, you’ll be able to increase your rates in a way that’s commensurate with the demand. Many facilities slowly raise rents in regular increments, such as a 4% increase after an initial six months of renting with yearly increases.

Additionally, storing high-value items such as boats or RV’s can require additional security and costs. Therefore, you’ll need to charge a premium for this service to see a significant return on your investment. Customers will also want the convenience of being able to access their storage unit, which is possible when working with a remote management team. When your storage facility is geared towards self-service, your customers will have both ease of access and peace of mind.

When thinking about how to charge customers, there are several considerations at hand. Here are a few of those considerations:

  • Charging for Covered and Enclosed Spots: Covered spots will naturally have higher building and maintenance costs. This is definitely something you should consider charging extra for.
  • Unlimited Access to Amenities: Customers who want to invest in enclosed parking spaces might receive access to conveniences and amenities that others will not. For example, access to washing bays, power, or the waste dump might be something you consider charging a premium for.

General Operations

Operations for boat and RV storage will be a little different than standard storage operations. You’ll need to consider the demand for enclosed and open spaces and what is needed for access to those spaces.

Investing in remote management services will also greatly benefit both you and your customers. You will save expenses on on-site staff, marketing, and maintenance fees by working with a remote management company. Additionally, your customers will be able to access their accounts online and will easily be able to enter and exit the facility when it’s convenient for them. In the long term, you’ll save money when utilizing a remote management company.

Marketing Efforts

Marketing can have a significant impact on your success with boat and RV storage. The type of marketing you do will depend on whether you’re a facility that supports both traditional self-storage as well as boat and RV storage or if your facility was designed specifically for solely boat and RV storage. This impacts your target audience and who might be utilizing your facility.

Here are a few ways you might consider marketing your storage facility:

  • Digital Marketing: Invest in email marketing, paid advertising, or social media. You can target customers based on keywords, geography, etc.
  • Traditional Marketing: Advertise in local newspapers or with flyers and other forms of literature.
  • SEO: Spend time investing in search engine optimization to boost your website with strategic keywords.

Starting Your Boat and RV Storage Business Plan

When considering your boat and RV storage business plan, consider your current goals for expanding and investing. Next, begin strategizing a plan that aligns with these goals or objectives.

While it might feel overwhelming to create this plan and implement all the necessary details on your own, Copper Storage Management can support you in the process! A remote management company will take difficult and consuming tasks off of your plate so you can focus on what really matters; maximize your profit with peace of mind. Regardless of what path you choose, use the four categories above as a start to support your process of becoming a desirable boat and RV storage facility.

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