Cost-Effective Solutions for 3rd Party Self Storage Management

Management Lite is a 3rd party self storage management solution for owners and operators of fully-automated, unattended self storage facilities. Our ability to manage the facility remotely allows us to provide these services for a fraction of the cost of staffing your facility.

Call Center Set-Up & Management

  • Answer all incoming calls and make all outgoing calls, including past due calls
  • Rent units, take payments, handle all customer service issues, if applicable and do not require communication with owner
  • Send the owner any customer service issues that warrant owner involvement
  • Handle the past due overlock process
  • Upsell tenant insurance
  • Manage onsite maintenance personnel, including cleaning units, performing sitework, cutting locks and application of overlocks

Revenue Management

  • Create and Manage ongoing Dynamic Pricing controls in order to maximize street rates
  • Create and Manage ongoing promotions based on supply and demand
  • Continually maximize revenue by applying rate increases to existing Tenants

Lien Auction Process

  • Process past due accounts
  • Cut locks and prepare units for auction
  • Set up online auctions
  • Handle auction buyers and payment process

Maintenance Consulting Services

  • Provide direction for weekly onsite maintenance duties (personnel employed by owner) including placing overlocks, cleaning out vacant units, keeping facilities clean, minor maintenance issues, etc.

Marketing Services

  • Manage existing website with provider or assist in creating new one
  • Work with provider to establish Pay-Per-Click marketing and SEO

Basic Bookkeeping Services

  • Manage the transition to a cashless system
  • Establish merchant account for credit card processing
  • Set up bank account for credit card, check and money order deposits
  • Pay monthly (and otherwise) facility bills*
  • Provide the owner with a quarterly accounting report with a record of all collections and expenses.

*Owner will be required to reimburse our management team, and monthly (or otherwise) bills that are set up to auto-debit any company credit card accounts

Facility Requirements

  • Our management service, is only intended for unattended/automated self storage facilities; we have no program for facilities with onsite, full-time managers.
  • We require the facility to use a common self storage management software such as StorEdge, Sitelink or any software compatible with Call Potential (ask us about your management software).
  • We require the facility to accept credit card payments. Checks and money orders can be mailed to our bookkeeping office for processing. No cash payments can be taken. We can arrange for signage to be placed at the facility (“Three Ways to Pay!”) so that tenants clearly understand how payments can be made (and how to contact our management team).

Owner Responsibilities

  • Provide a local maintenance source*
  • Owner will be required to either purchase or reimburse our purchase of:
  • New locks for placement in vacant units (our program includes providing a free lock to new tenants)
  • New combination overlocks and asset tags for managing the overlock/auction process.

*If no local maintenance resource has been secured, our management team can arrange to handle this for an additional expense.


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