How to Build the Ultimate Fully Automated Self-Storage Facility

A fully automated self-storage facility is no longer a future dream, but rather, a present reality. While some storage facilities already have some automation built in, many storage facilities are becoming fully automated in order to better meet customers’ needs and utilize current resources.

The primary goal of automation is to provide ease and access to people’s lives. With automation, customers can access your self-storage facility at their convenience. Additionally, automation limits the need for in-person security or on-site employees. It’s a win-win!

Here are five steps to start building the ultimate fully automated self-storage facility.

Create and Update Your Website

If you’re going to be fully automated, it’s important that your customers can find you easily. So if you haven’t already, build a website that highlights your products and services. Be sure to include the fact that you’re fully automated, as this is a major selling point for potential customers. Provide contact information, helpful articles, and other relevant information. If you already have a website you’re using, consider updating it to include information regarding your fully automated facility and how your customers can best access it. Make sure your website is responsive and updated so customers can peruse open units and weigh their options!

Utilize a Software-based Cloud Access Control System

A software-based system allows you to operate your entire business remotely while also providing a unique customer experience. For example, text customers unique codes for their storage rentals as soon as their lease is signed. These codes will automatically expire when the lease is up. Or, send billing reminders directly to their mobile devices.

Install High-tech Video Cameras to Replace In-person Security

Purchase and install high-tech security cameras. Make sure these cameras also connect to the internet so you can view the stream live for optimum security.

Automate Your Data

Data is essential when running any business, as it allows leaders to make intelligent and strategic decisions. However, spending a surplus amount of time thinking through spreadsheets and plugging in numbers is outdated and time-consuming. Instead, consider automating your data to provide you with the right data exactly when you need it. There are several platforms that send you custom automated reports, such as Funnel or Databox.

Simplify Payment Options

When customers can pay online, it’s easier for everyone. Plus, there is a lower possibility of late payments because customers can sign up for payment reminders or sign up for auto draft. It will also be easier to track payment histories and schedule invoices accordingly. Automating your payment process is super helpful for everyone!

When Building Out Your Fully Automated Self-storage Facility

  • Take it one step at a time. Whether you’re building out a brand new facility, or looking to renovate your current facility, remember to take it one step at a time. You don’t have to do everything at once! Prioritize what’s most important to your company now and build from there.
  • Keep up with customer service. Having operation management services ensures that customers feel supported and attended to. Just because you’re automated doesn’t mean you can’t still have excellent customer service.
  • Know your customers and the competition. Before you decide to implement a fully automated facility, do the necessary market research to learn more information about your customers and the competition. Align your branding, messaging, and information to your findings!

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