Copper Storage Management and OHZ: Fortifying Your Storage Security Together

The Significance of Safe and Secure Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities rely heavily on security to succeed. It is the foundation on which their entire operation rests. The need to protect not just tenants’ possessions but also their trust highlights the critical nature of implementing strong security measures. Self-storage feasibility consultants know that security directly affects a self-storage site’s performance and tenant retention.

The Copper Storage Management and OHZ Partnership

Copper Storage Management has forged a steadfast alliance with OHZ, recognizing the indispensability of a security partner committed to advancing technological frontiers and proactive monitoring strategies. In a landscape where the potential for crime looms, OHZ’s role becomes pivotal, contributing significantly to the resilience and reliability of Copper Storage Management’s self-storage facilities nationwide.

OHZ has supported Copper Storage Management clients to minimize crime while increasing safety with advanced security. For example, at one of Copper Storage Management’s sites, insurance claims due to burglary decreased dramatically after implementing OHZ’s security measures. In August, claims amounted to $19,502.11, but by October, they were reduced to $2,175 — all attributed to burglaries.

OHZ Products and Services Supporting Self-Storage Security

OHZ employs comprehensive self-storage security systems, utilizing cutting-edge Hikvision cameras in tandem with Algo 8186 Sip 2-Way loudspeakers. This combination allows real-time property protection. Notably, OHZ can seamlessly integrate its services with existing client cameras, demonstrating adaptability to diverse security setups.

OHZ’s Growing Collaboration With Self-Storage Owners

Established in 2011, OHZ has experienced a surge in demand for storage protection since 2020. This upward trend aligns with the evolving needs of self-storage owners seeking robust security solutions.

Assessing Necessary Security Equipment

OHZ takes a customized approach to security assessments, recommending a minimum of 6-8 cameras with 2-4 speakers or up to 20 cameras with 4-8 speakers, based on facility layouts. The company conducts thorough evaluations, often through virtual assessments via Zoom calls and utilizing tools like Google Earth for smaller facilities, with on-site visits for larger or more complex locations.

Remote Guards

OHZ’s remote guards operate from monitoring centers, closely observing and analyzing activities in real-time. This proactive approach enables guards to become familiar with each location, distinguishing regular activities from potential threats. Leveraging the Algo 8186 Sip 2-Way loudspeakers, guards issue warnings directly to potential criminals and, if necessary, can promptly alert local law enforcement.

Client Camera Footage

OHZ ensures seamless access to camera footage for clients by configuring their phones and computers accordingly. Moreover, guards report activities in real-time through WhatsApp, facilitating direct communication channels among clients, OHZ personnel, and on-site guards. This integration ensures prompt responses to client inquiries, requests for police reports, and access to security footage.

Simple Pricing Model

OHZ adopts a straightforward pricing model, incorporating one-time installation and monthly monitoring fees. The latter varies based on the number of cameras being monitored and the hours of monitoring required, providing flexibility for different facility sizes and operational needs.

How OHZ Supports Self-Storage Business Owners

OHZ’s unique selling proposition lies in its ability to prevent theft before it occurs, instilling confidence in storage renters and affording owners peace of mind. By actively deterring criminal activities through real-time monitoring and personalized communication channels, OHZ positions itself as a trusted partner committed to the safety and security of self-storage facilities. Copper Storage Management partners with trusted consultants like OHZ to lower security risks while increasing customer satisfaction.

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