How Remote Self-Storage Management Can Increase Profit Margins

Remote self-storage management is more than simply bringing your in-person management team remote. It’s about automating services for customer convenience, investing in time-saving software, and streamlining your business model for efficiency.

Here are a few ways remote self-storage management can increase profit margins:

1. A Strong Focus on Websites/Online Marketing:

While a clean, optimized, impressive website might not seem like a priority in the self-storage business, it’s becoming increasingly important. Between 2020-2022, the term self-storage decreased by 1,540,000 searches per month. Your website is critical because it essentially functions as a retail storefront. Use your website to distinguish your product from the competition. While there are many options when it comes to website creation, it’s best to keep it simple and optimized for efficiency. Investing in digital marketing is your #1 shield against dwindling demand.

2. Utilization of Tech/Automation to Cut Operational Needs:

The use of technology and automation can help cut operational expenses. Marketing sent out through channels, such as text messaging or emails, can be automated to save you time and energy. Additionally, technology can increase efficiency if you are physically mailing out samples or promotional items.

3. The Creation of Faster, More Convenient Ways to Serve the Customer:

Serving the customer should be simple, and automation can support that. Chat services such as Swivl can help automate customer interactions by answering simple questions or connecting them to the correct person. Online rentals can also create a level of ease for the customer. They can easily make rental reservations at their own convenience rather than waiting on hold or scheduling it during traditional working hours.

4. Use of a Sales Center to Grab More Rentals:

Utilizing a sales center will help you grab more rentals! This will allow for more effective lead tracking and capturing. You’ll also be able to manage reservation follow-up from one central location, with all information adequately logged. Sales quotes are easily sent out as needed.

5. Remove the Need to Hire and Replace Managers:

This is the most crucial way remote management can help save you time and money. Traditionally, the average payroll for an onsite manager is at least 60k. With onsite management turnover at an all-time high, being 200% annually, you’re also probably spending quite a bit of time interviewing and hiring. This can be draining and time-consuming and is eliminated with remote self-storage management.

6. Drastically Cut Op-Ex Across the Board:

When you invest in a company like Copper Storage Management, you’ll also cut expenses when saving on supporting costs such as administration, utilities, and additional office expenses.

Interested in Remote Self-Storage Management?

If you’re interested in remote self-storage management, preview Copper Storage Management’s list of services for more information. Even if it’s something you’re just beginning to consider, the benefits are worth further exploration!

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