Copper Storage Management Featured in Industry Blog

Copper Storage Management is thrilled to be featured in a recent blog post by Boxwell, a manufacturer of fully customizable, durable, movable, and easy-to-assemble storage solutions. The piece details how Chris Cashman, owner of several self-storage facilities in the southeast, utilizes his relationships with Boxwell and Copper Storage Management to maximize the benefits of his properties and save money and time.

Movable Units and Remote Management Interview

Q (Boxwell): How has your net operating income changed since using both Boxwell units and remote management at your facilities:

A (Chris Cushman): Boxwell plays a significant role in what we do and has been so great to work with. We implement their product strategically to add to top-line revenue where possible. Their movable units can be ordered and installed in only a few months. Shipping times can be lengthy, but Boxwell is now manufacturing here in the US, so I look forward to seeing how that helps. The remote self-storage management to Copper Storage Management is a game changer that we adopted out of the gate. It drives expense ratios lower than the industry standards. This is huge, and we focus on continuous improvement with the Copper team.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Self-Storage Facility Management

Copper Storage Management provides services for a fraction of the cost of staffing a self-storage facility with an on-site manager. We offer call center set-up and management, revenue management, lien auction process, maintenance consulting services, marketing services, basic bookkeeping services, and more.

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